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Providing Comprehensive Counseling & DUI Services
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I provide individual DUI and MIP counseling and education within a private and professional outpatient office located in Arvada CO.  DUI and MIP treatment in an individual counseling format, as opposed to groups, allows the therapy to be discreet and customized to the individual while working through the state mandated curriculum's. This also allows me to incorporate treatment for trauma, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other mental health issues that research has shown can significantly contribute to substance use and unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

I am level III Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC III) providing licensed Substance Use Disorder Treatment through the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health(OBH). I also hold a license to provide American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level I services, including; General Treatment, Level I DUI Education, Level II DUI Education and Therapy, Minor In Possession (MIP), and Youth Treatment services.

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